My Music Kit


In the next coming few months, this page will be filled up with pictures of my musical instruments that I play, and possibly some sound clips.

Electronic Kit


Past Owned

Yamaha DX7 II FD Synthesizer Yamaha DX7S Synthesizer
Yamaha TG 55 Sound Expander Yamaha DX21 Synthesizer
Yamaha PSR 530 Keyboard Korg Poly800 Synthesizer (x2)
Roland EM30 Keyboard Casio CS1 Sampling Keyboard
Korg PA80 Professional Arranger MiniKorg 700S analogue Synthesizer
Unicorn Midi II patchbay  
AKAI M3 Midi patchbay  
Technics SX-C300 Portable Organ  
Yamaha PSR 3000 Semi Pro Keyboard  

This is some of the kit as it is set up at the moment

Acoustic Kit

Current Past Owned
Marlin Electric Bass Guitar Hohner Student Guitar
  Hohner Medium Acoustic Guitar

Other Kit

Current Past Owned
Fender KBA200 200 W Keyboard Amplifier (x2) DOB Flanger Pedal
Audiotechnica 16B 16 channel mixing desk JSL Swell Pedal
Sound City 50W Bass Amplifier X + H frame
JSL Foot Switches (several)  
More cables than BICC  

All of the kit in the top frame can be controlled by sequencers or computers with MIDI software and hardware installed. To this end I can use my Commodore Amiga A1200 with Bars and Pipes software or any of my PCs (desktop clone,Toshiba CDS310 or Advent 6410 laptops)

I am looking for programming manuals and RAM/ROM cartridges/cards for any of the keyboards, so please contact me if you have any you don't want. See the contacts list in the main pages.

Sound clips will be added to this site when available.

Watch this space.....

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updated 30th May 2007.