My Scootering History


 In the crazy summer of 2003, I decided that I needed two wheel transport to get to work, instead of wearing out my car (expensive hobby).


  So, after trawling around the bike magazines and local press, I found a scooter dealer jus a few miles from where I live. I had to find the place and after I did, my scootering enthusiasm began.

  I was originally after a 200-400cc Piaggio or Gilera , or a least something modern and reliable.

 Sure enough, this dealer had the latest Vespa GT200 and I thought this would be ideal. The only problem was, I spotted the classic Vespa PX200 in the corner of the showroom(!) and I just had to have one. I thought that the PX series had been superseded years ago, as the only ones I had seen around were of the '80's era.

 Once I heard that the three PX200's they had were some of the last ones to be made, my decision had been made and the deposit was duly handed over to the shop manager and I looked forward eagerly for my pickup date,

 The day after August Bank Holiday was the date.

 After several months of scootering magazine reading, it was time to 'MOD-up' my PX.

 This is what I've done to it so far (making sure I keep all the original bits I take off)

Black and white checkered mudflap (all checkering on my scooter is black and white)

Chrome rear flip over rack with checkered backrest and spare wheel (in a checkered wheel cover)

Chrome gear link cover

Chrome Engine fan cover

Chrome kickstart lever

Scorpion stainless steel sports expansion system exhaust

PX Floormat

Custom made checkered seat

Chrome florida bars, with two 7 foot long red whip aerials (no fox tail yet)

Checkered MOD flyscreen

2 5" Chrome Spot lights

6 Chrome bullet side lights (clear and chrome lenses)

3 Chrome mini bullet side lights

2 Chrome Airhorns

10 Chrome Staduim mirrors, arranged on two mirror stalks per side

Chrome/goldplated front mudguard bar

PX flyscreen stickers

PX toolbox trinket tray (not fitted yet)

  As you can see, apart from chroming the scooter itself, I think I've run out of bits to add.

I let you decide your self. E-mail me if you can offer any further MOD ideas for my scooter.

Here are some of the progress pictures....



Note: The Fox tails are actually Racoon tails bought commercially as foxes are no longer hunted in the UK



The front rack looks like this, and it all works from a special control panel I made to go behind the leg-shield

and a couple of 12 sealed lead acid batteries in the glove/tool box

  By the way, even with all this lot on, it still does 80MPH according to the speedo (but we all know how accurate they are on a Vespa don't we!)

30th May 2007