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I was an independent telecommunications consultant/contractor and I had specialised with working with the Ericsson AXE-10 switch for 12 years in various support and operation and maintenance positions, including International Switch Manager. I have also experience with Northern Telecom's DMS series of switches, ECI DCME's and other equipment. Please contact me if you are interested in hiring me or wish to obtain a copy of my c.v.

 I can now be found in sunny Saudi Arabia (if you can get a visa that is!!)


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I was an owner of one of the more rarer British cars ever made and I decided to give it the publicity it deserved. The car itself was a Panther Kallista, and one of the last ones that were made, before the recession in the early 1990's killed off the Panther Car Company for ever in the UK.

To visit my Panther car site click the Panther Club logo in the left hand frame.


I have owned a reasonably large number of cars and motorbikes over the last 17 years, so I thought it would be an idea to show the world what the average British motorist has to put up with. These pages cover all my cars and motorbikes since 1983. Click either the car files or the bikes files to view . 

And to think that when I first started out on the road in 1983, petrol was less than 1.50 a gallon, and that was for leaded. This does bear the argument that why do the British people pay so much for our fuel when we are an oil producing nation. Everywhere else in the EU you will see a large quantity of huge American imported cars like Chevrolet Blazers and so on, which consume probably 4 times as much juice as an average mini and no-one seems to care, except in the UK where you have to be a millionaire to run one. This is my politically incorrect statement of my web page.

 Among the more mundane but essential serious sides of life, namely work, I have had a few side interests that may be of interest to others in the world. As this is a new section to this page, there are no major details or links at the moment, but watch this space...

1.) Hoarding activities:- 

   Stamp collecting, coin collecting, postcard collecting, obsolete computer collecting, gadget collecting, clock and watch collecting etc...

2.) Entertainment:-

  Musician and actor for amateur dramatics group (The Writtle Cards and The Hare and Hounds Charity Society) 1987-1994

  Lead keyboard player for the band "Plastered in Paris" 1986-1987. Where are the rest of the band now? (Ian (Drums), Tim (Bass) and Matt (Lead Guitar)) .I'm sure the people of Galleywood (Chelmsford) might remember us practicing every Wednesday evening. Incidentally, these days I use my trusty Technics SX-C300 midi'd up using a Unicorn midi switch bay to a Yamaha DX7IIFD synthesizer, a Yamaha TG-55 sound expander, Roland EM-30 keyboard, Roland JV1010 sound module, Yamaha PSR 530 keyboard, and finally a Korg PA-80, all nicely mixed through a 32 channel mixing desk to my Fender SFX200  keyboard amps. Does anyone out there have any RAM or ROM cards/cartridges they don't want for any of the above? If so, please contact me.   

3.) Culture:-

 How many people out there know what a Billericayite is?  How many have web pages? How many have been to the Cater Museum more than 5 times?

Are any surfers out there from Billericay School from 1978-1983 or Quilters Junior and Infants (separate schools then) before then. Its about time we had a reunion. Contact me if anyone's interested. Take a look at Friends Reunited for more info.

I am also an Astronomer (amateur), a philosopher (amateur), an inventor (who was it who first put a clock mechanism in a CD? Yep. Me(1986)) and possibly a racing driver who never made it (Off road 4x4 trials, Rallying, Go-karting and Formula Ford 2000)


 On the 18th of May 2008 I finally did something I've always wanted to do since I was a nipper - I got married!!

Unlike the majority of people who get married around the world, I thought I would make it difficult and get married in Saudi Arabia and to make matters worse, a Christian marriage in a county that has as much tolerance of other religions as the Spanish Inquisition five times over. Read more.....


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