Welcome to my Panther car site.

The two pictures below were of my own Panther Kallista, of 1990 vintage.

This car was one of the last Panthers made by the Panther Car Company in its factory in Harlow in Essex, England.

A Ford 2.9 litre V6 injection engine powered it, the same engine that was used in the Ford Granada Scorpio at the time this car was built.

Unlike other cars that look similar, this one really did have the sort of gadgets that cars of a bygone era really had.

We are talking about leather upholstery, walnut dash, Mohair soft top with matching Mohair tonneau and wheel cover, genuine chrome spoked wheels, wooden steering wheel, Smiths Instruments, opening quarter lights and the modern luxury of a radio cassette and yes, a heater.


We are also talking about a hand-built car with lots of chrome and stainless steel embellishments. My car had nearly every optional extra that was available when it was built. I had to thank the original owner for that. The previous owners of this car were both Doctors and the mileage on the car denoted that it was a car for pleasure outings and not for everyday use. If either of the previous owners had driven it the way I did, then they would not have sold it. This is the sort of car that makes you smile every time you drive it. (Well, except when it rains, when you generally get wet)

You just have to think about it for a minute, and you will understand what I am suggesting.

A 2.9 litre V6 injection engine, a very light body made from aluminium, low seat height, surprisingly good handling and lots of nice narrow twisty country roads in the area of England where I live.

Fun with a capital F.

The Panther Kallista 2.9i



Oh, and by the way, for all the people who insist on asking, NO, THIS CAR IS NOT A KIT CAR!!!!.

  There is a sorry tale to tell at the end of all this. I sold the car above earlier this year (2000) because the car market for pre-owned cars had crashed and I lost an absolute fortune. I will continue to be a Panther enthusiast, as I intend buying another Panther one day.


If you want to know more about this type of car, check out the official web site for the Panther Enthusiasts Club UK, which is  here....

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Last updated 26th December, 2006.