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To give you an idea of my personal biking history, I have owned several motorbikes over the last 21 years and the following pictures are the bikes I have owned in chronological order.

   As you can see, I've given up biking for the moment, however, I'm now a scooterist with all the MOD attachments for by super rare Vespa PX200 Serie Speciale. Incidentally, my scoot is number 286 out of the last 400 Vespa PX200's to be ever built, and hence, it doesn't go out in the wet. That's what the car is for.

  Yep, I'm now a fair weather biker, but at least I'm still biking.. 


Bike make and model Date of manufacture Period owned Picture
Kawasaki AR50 C1 1983 1983-1984
Suzuki GS125 1983 1984-1985
Yamaha TZR125 1990 1990-1991
Kawasaki KLR650 B1 1985 1991-1991
Yamaha RZV500R 1988 1991-1992
Honda CB250N 1981 1994-1996
Yamaha RD350 LC F2 1991 1996-1997
Yamaha TDM850 1997 1997-2001
Vespa PX200 Serie  Speciale (286/400) 2003 2003-present
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Last updated 30th July, 2004.